male client recieving chest waxing

Male Intimate Waxing.

Increasing numbers of men are taking an interest in personal grooming.

The areas of particular interest are skincare and removal of unwanted body hair. Depilatory waxing is of particular interest because of its long lasting results, smoothness of the skin and itch free regrowth.

There are two main types of wax: Strip wax and non-strip wax. Strip wax is used to wax large areas of the body quickly. Wax is applied by roller or spatula and the wax and hair is removed with a woven paper strip. Non-strip wax is used on smaller or sensitive areas. The wax is applied with a spatula and the wax sets. This allows the wax to be removed without a strip.

Hair free skin is sought for aesthetics, by sportsmen for aerodynamic advantage and also to avoid perspiration being held by hair causing chaffing and infection